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Q. Is there any interface apart from USB?

  1. We have I2C interface compatible products.
    ※Minimum order quantity and other conditions apply


Q. Why is USB2.0 instead of USB3.0 being adopted? 

  1. Since the data transfer rate of USB3.0 is not needed, USB2.0, which is more adapted for longer transmission distances, is being adopted.


Q. The USB cable is too short in length (30 cm). Is it possible to make it longer?

  1. Our company does not provide any customization regarding cable length. Customers will need to procure their own extension cables.
    ※Please note that according to USB2.0 standards, the cable length is limited to a maximum of 5 m.


Q.  I would like to extend the USB cable beyond 5 m. Is there any possibility to do so?

  1. It is possible to extend the length by using a USB repeater cable.

Power supply

Q. What electrical power is needed to drive the lens?

  1. For both the USB model and I2C model, it is 5V in terms of voltage and 500 mA in terms of current.


Q. After switching the power on, is it necessary to initialize the device?

  1. After switching the power on, it is necessary to initialize the device. For instructions, please refer to the API Document/Protocol Document.


Q. Is there an SDK?

  1. There is a sample program as well as its downloadable documents. To download, please use this [link].
    ※In order to download you will need to create an account.


Q. What programming languages are there available?

  1. For Windows, C#, C/C++ and Python. For Linux, C/C++ and Python.


Q. Is the sample program designed for 32-bit or 64-bit?

  1. In Windows, C# and C/C++, it is designed for both 32 and 64-bit. In Linux, it is principally designed for 64-bit but by modifying the Makefile and by using a 32-bit library, it can be run in 32-bit. In Python, it is at the moment only available for 64-bit.


Q. Is there a USB dll-(library)-file?

  1. It can be downloaded on the Silicon Labs website. Please use this [link] to download.


Q. If the power is interrupted, will the lens position be maintained?

  1. If the power is interrupted, in principle, the lens positions will not be maintained. For following products, however, it will be maintained after the power has been interrupted.
    (VL0826U-MPZ, VL1226U-MPZ, VL1624U-MPZ, VL2520U-MPZ, VL35226U-MPZ, VL5024U-MPZ, VL7531U-MPZ)
    After turning the power on again, the address will be undetermined, so make sure to initialize before use.


Q. After terminating the LensConnect_Controller, will the position be maintained?

  1. As long as the lens is supplied with power, its position will be maintained and also memorized.


Q. When moving the lens into a certain direction only, the screen appears to be shaking. Is this a malfunction?

  1. The shaking on the screen when driving the lens into one direction occurs due to a compensation of the backlash in the mechanism. When the compensation is enabled, the memorized position can be recalled from any other position. If the shaking is a concern, this function can be turned off.


Q. Can you tell me how to operate the device when backlash compensation is turned on? 

  1. In principle, it stops at the target address in direction of the decreasing address. If the direction is that of an increasing address, it will go once by the target address before returning and eventually stopping there. If the direction is that of a decreasing address, it will directly move to the target address before stopping there.


Q. When focusing (zooming) I can hear a motor sound but the lens does not move. The iris is, however, moving. 

  1. Is sufficient current supplied via USB? If the electrical current is insufficient, it can happen that the lens does not move. If the lens does not move despite there being sufficient current, please contact us.


Q.  In a Linux environment, LensConnect_Controller does not identify the lens.

  1. Please run the program with administrator privileges (root).


Q. I would like to run it in a Linux environment without administrator privileges.

  1. In this case, please contact our sales department.

■Other questions

Q. Is it possible to zoom and focus simultaneously? 

  1. At the moment, this is not possible.


Q. Are there any restrictions on Windows versions?

  1. At present, we are not aware of any information that the program does not run on a certain version. However, if the .NET Framework version is too old, the GUI cannot be used in Windows. (Our software uses .NET Framework 4.7.2)


Q. Are there any restrictions on Linux OS distributions?

  1. At present, we are not aware of any information that the program does not run a certain distribution.


Q. Does it run on single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi or Jetson?

  1. The functionality on Raspberry Pi 4 and Jetson Xavier NX is verified.


Q. Do I need to create an account if I want to download the sample program or API/Protocol documents? 

  1. We apologize for the inconvenience but please create a user account on our system for this purpose. If it is not possible to create an account or if any other problem occurs, please [contact us] via the website.

    For any other questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us